Maritime Landscape Path

The project consisted of a mixture of landscape design and urban strategy proposal for the Polish city of Szczecin, in the framework of Future European city development. The area of the proposal is a very important and strategic area to the city since it connects the Port and the Old city center. The area is this island strip also called the ‘floating island’ surrounded all over around by the Oder river water. The intervention starts focusing on the island backbone since it contains the needed ‘urban voids’ and ‘potential existing urban context’. These interventions consist of: - Re-arranging the mobility of the area (Going from a vehicle/motorized transport to a water transport and pedestrian/- bike-friendly oriented transport) - Re-bringing back in a smaller scale the natural typical greenway along the Oder river basin by creating a green backbone using the existing urban voids in the island strip with different patterns of green: constructed wetlands, monastery garden typology, woodlands(forest) -Re-activating the Oder river, bringing back the water to the city (Creating a network, or series of spaces and interventions, along a skywalk, related to water activities.