- Who we are -

JORA KASAPI - Architecture & Design

Jora, was born in Kruje, Albania (November 1988). Graduated in Architecture (2006-2011) from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning FAU (Polytechnic University of Tirana) and proceeded a second degree, ‘Architecture and Sustainability’(2014-2016) in Sint-Lucas Architectur, Campus Ghent, KU Leuven.

After graduating she has been exploring different orientations in architecture and has developed certain interests, from urban planning strategies focused mainly in a bottom –up approach, to research and analytical thinking in architecture, from interior design to furniture (industrial) design, to building’s detailing and materiality.

She has developed a special curiosity in architectural surreal visualizations, photomontage representations of spaces and atmospheres in the form of post-digital drawings. Their main framework is sustainable design.

These genuine interests and explorations translated into her professional experiences, these past 5 years, provide the basic services that JoraKasapi, architecture and design studio offers to possible clients and collaborators.

- Work process -


We believe in thinking and designing with a sustainable and resilient approach on different scale tasks. An understanding of the importance of the surrounding context, translating the already existing successful pattern of a place into a possible useful designing tool. How an existing space, ‘revitalized’ can generate more opportunities, development, rather than building everything from scratch and how important is to rely on improved, past references. We believe that creativity doesn’t necessarily come only from within, but it can also be seen as a form of personal interpretation of the outside influences.

It's important for us to start every design project from an efficient research phase on the context, on the identity of specific triggering elements and combining them with the clients needs and requests and further on shaping them through our more personal creative interpretation.