Last Supper Tirana

Last Supper Tirana was conceived to be the ultimate coziest gathering place, for a group of friends and burger-lovers. The main intention was to create in Tirana a special, warm space, appropriate for a gastro-pub to combine both two experiences, of having a burger/main meal with enjoying a drink and playing group-table games with your friends in the late evening. The character of the place is present and somehow embodied in the choice of materials and organization of the main spaces. Therefore, there is an open/transparent kitchen close to the main entrance, for clients to be reassured on the instant cooking procedure and ingredients freshness. There is a richness in the choices of colors and especially patterns. You can notice that in the use of wood, recycled wooden pallets, concrete imitation for walls, white and grey tiles organized in a herringbone pattern to bring the retro feeling of the underground metro walls, to the use of turquoise color on walls to balance the entire atmosphere with some freshness. The herringbone pattern is the main ‘leitmotiv’ and it is used in most of the details inside ‘Last Supper Tirana’. The place's character is a mixture of the industrial/urban and a more natural driven ambiance by specifically using elements from nature like, natural hanging plants and Terrariums or giving the feeling of nature (invoking it), through some specific elements like metallic trees or nature’s patterns.

October 2018
Project-idea and on-site implementation